Investor Services

PInvestor relations (IR) refers to the function within a public company that is responsible for managing and communicating information to the public pertaining to the company's operations, managerial organization, and financial standing.

Relationship Building Strategies
  • Communicate frequently.
  • Offer customer rewards.
  • Hold special events.
  • Build two-way communication.
  • Enhance your customer service.
  • Launch multicultural programs.
  • Visit the trenches.
Building an Effective IR Strategy
  • Market Research.
  • Formulate the Investment Proposition.
  • Formulate the message/content.
  • Market Research
  • IR Tools.

Managing Our Investor Relations

Simply and quickly record all of your investor interactions, including automated tagging of participation in briefings, calls and webcasts, as well as receipt of blast emails.

Identify your most important existing and potential investors to ensure you are communicating with the right people and making your investor meetings count.?

Access a comprehensive and fully maintained database of capital markets participants, together with full investment profiles

Cross reference investor contact with movements on your share register to measure the return on investment of your investor relations efforts.

Crisis Management

The identification of threats to an organization and its stakeholders, and the methods used by the organization to deal with these threats. Due to the unpredictability of global events, organizations must be able to cope with the potential for drastic changes to the way they conduct business. Crisis management often requires decisions to be made within a short time frame, and often after an event has already taken place. In order to reduce uncertainty in the event of a crisis, organizations often create a crisis management plan.

Corporate Strategy

In the coming year, Pliancy's focus is on intelligent growth, a commitment to growing earnings, cash flows and creating value for our stakeholders while investing in the markets we know we can win in. These investments include broader EIM capabilities, expanding our distribution both direct and through partners, expanding our presence in the cloud and furthering our reach into fast growing markets.

Broader EIM Capabilities: Growth products are where we are placing key innovation investments and go-tomarket initiatives. These products include:

    (1) The EIM Developer
    (2) InfoFusion
    (3) The Tempo Series
    (4) Extended ECM for SAP and Oracle
    (5) Archive in the Cloud and Content Server
    (6) The Digital Enterprise with CEM and WEM 8.5
    (7) Secure iX; and
    (8) BPM Assure.

Release after release, the products become more and more integrated. Release after release, we continue to introduce more cloud-based offerings.

Expanded Distribution: Establishing new channels is essential for our growth agenda. We are scaling our inside sales team (ISR), focusing on deepening key system integrator (SI) partnerships, and establishing a top 5 value-added reseller (VAR) program in each country we do business in. Key partners remain a strategic initiative for us. Our relationship with SAP is stronger than ever. Also, we are building on our relationship with Microsoft, and we expect to add new key partners in Fiscal 2014. Channels and partners are a force multiplier whereby we can add thousands of new professionals invested in the future of Pliancy.

Expanded Presence in the Cloud: Pliancy Cloud Services offer a new revenue stream for us; not a swap of existing revenues. We can now 'complete the need' for our customers, whether that need is on premises (their place) or in the cloud (our place).

Fast Growing Markets: In Fiscal 2014, we look to establish our brand, products and customer successes in these markets. We define fast growing markets as Latin America, China, India, South East Asia ("SEA"), Japan, Africa, Middle East, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Central and Eastern Europe. Channels and partners are a force multiplier whereby we can add thousands of new professionals invested in the future of Pliancy.