Since its establishment, Pliancy employees have put in dedicated efforts to successfully improve the quality of its services for the benefit of its Clients. It is a matter of pride that pliancy is performing all its functions with courtesy and efficiency. I would like to highlight a few of the efforts made by pliancy to improve its operational service

The pliancy Operations Committee meets regularly to co-ordinate operational matters associated with the facilities managed by the organization. Day-to-day operations are handled by the Operations Co-coordinator and individual technical staff in consultation with the Director and the appropriate facility supervisor. On a quarterly basis, the Facilities Management Group reviews operational processes, user accessibility and usage reporting structures for the facility as well as prioritization of maintenance and potential equipment purchases.

My goal everyday is to make my facilities “transparent” to my customers. Since my role is to contribute in measurable ways to the success and prosperity of the organizations I support, it is important to me that my customers should not be concerned or distracted. Every time my facilities are not 100%, my customer needs to take time away from being productive which reduces the level of success of the organization. I want them to see our facility at its best.