Recruitment Services

We boast of a very healthy data base of professionals across domains and specialize in servicing difficult and niche mandates from our clients. Our teams of trained recruiters come with unparalleled domain expertise as well as unique headhunting skills. Efficiency coupled with transparency and quality has helped us achieve a growing list of clients over the years. We strive to build an efficient workforce for our clients by sourcing able manpower, and providing seamless service to them. At the same time we empower and enable personnel by providing a clear career path.

Below mentioned are some of the areas which we providing Recruitment Services

How We Work

We are a quality recruitment solutions provider with a keen understanding of the industry our client is functioning within. We do not just get the right people for the right job but we also provide value additions in terms of market insights, competitor analysis and business intelligence from the recruitment perspective

Pliancy believes in transparency of process and provides both clients and candidates with regular updates to demonstrate our thoroughness

Information Technology

Our resources are trained to deliver on requirements ranging from programmers, project managers and business analysts to business development and senior management leadership roles

Consulting / Strategy / Analytics

Management consulting and data analytics has evolved as an area of work sought out by a host of companies to give them the edge in their respective businesses. The demand for strategy oriented professionals is at an all time high.

Research & Development

Our recruiters have been servicing high end R&D and research domains across industry lines comprising of IT, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Telecommunications etc and the forecasted hiring figures for this industry has prompted us to further consolidate our resources in this domain.